A Tea Lover’s Travel Diary / Tea Master Jason C.S. Chen

IF you browse through all the food + drink collections at your local Barnes & Noble, you’d find yourself a healthy catalog of the finest teas in the world and their glorious history.  Or you may Google-search the thousands of tea blogs out there, and you’d discover the ultimate secret of which tea pot brews which type of tea the best.  But these were obviously not Tea Master Jason Chen’s goal when composing this one-of-a-kind tea book here on two of the most special species of Oolong Tea — Single-bush Phoenix and Tie Guan Yin.  In short, this book is a real delight to Chinese tea drinkers of all ages and different backgrounds.  Even some tea connoisseurs may not know all the stories behind their favorite Oolong before it gets to their cup.  Through the most picturesque mountain regions of the Fujian province, Jason takes you up close and personal on his pursuit for the most exquisite tea leaves.  He takes you on the back roads to experience the whole harvesting + roasting process unique to this ancient tea culture.  He even introduces you to the offsprings of some of the most renowned tea makers and tea ‘explorers’ in Chinese history who are proudly keeping the traditions alive.  But the best of it all is Jason’s very own camera lens that captures and shares with the readers the most intimate moments + techniques of tea making.  Not only a personal travel diary as it is titled, but also a unique documentary of Jason’s passion for Chinese tea for over 20 years.  A friend in life and a mentor in tea, it is my real privilege to have met Jason the Tea Master only a year ago.  I am inspired by every conversation with him, and I am humbled by the time he takes to appreciate each and every single cup of tea.  Special is only an understatement. This book is truly a treasure in my library to be cherished forever!


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